Abandoned Funds: Trust Account Dilemmas

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Live Program Date October 16, 2019
Accredited through October 15, 2022
MCLE Credits: .50 - Ethics (Oregon-specific) and .75 Practical Skills

OSB ID 59273

Includes program materials, supplemental materials, live polling questions, MCLE Form 6 for tracking MCLE credits, and audio/video files of the CLE.

Do you have mystery money in your lawyer trust account? Uncashed checks? Funds you can't return? Learn how to address these issues.

Topics include

  • Identifying abandoned funds
  • Determining ownership and residence
  • Remitting funds
  • Exercising due diligence: statutory and ethical duties
  • Assessing the legal, practical, and and ethical implications of using stop payments, closing your IOLTA account, using stale dates, purchasing cashier's checks to replace funds in IOLTA, and writing off leftover balances
  • Avoiding abandoned funds
  • Reporting and remitting abandoned funds outside the statutory deadline