Best Practices for Docketing, Conflicts, Disengagement, and File Retention

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Live Program Date April 11, 2018
Accredited through April 10, 2021
MCLE Credits: 1.0 Practical Skills/General

OSB Program No.: 6724*10

Includes program and supplemental materials, live polling questions, MCLE Form 6 for self-reporting of MCLE credits, and audio/video files of the CLE.

Represent clients effectively and ethically by applying best practice recommendations for docketing, conflicts, disengagement, and file retention. Topics include:


  • Applying attributes of effective docketing systems
  • Appreciating the duty of due diligence
  • Docketing tips for eCourt practitioners


  • Recognizing ethical traps
  • Establishing objectives
  • Determining who to screen and when to screen
  • Comparing conflict software
  • Streamlining conflict checking

Disengagement and File Retention

  • Meeting your ethical obligations
  • Protecting clients and limiting liability exposure
  • Simplifying disengagement with forms
  • Creating policies, procedures, and checklists
  • Accessing resources