eCourt Malpractice Traps

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Live program date April 5, 2017
Accredited through April 4, 2020
MCLE credits: 2.0 practical skills/general
OSB Program No. 6724*5

Includes program materials, live polling questions, MCLE Form 6 for self-reporting of MCLE credits, and audio/video files of the CLE.

  • Relation Back Malpractice Traps - defining filing "acceptance," notification of rejected filings, the process for seeking relation back, right to object, judicial discretion, system errors, multiple filing attempts, and what to do if your relation-back request is denied.
  • Ever-changing Rules and Software - recent out-of-cycle amendments to the UTCRs, proposed UTCR changes for 2017, and upgrades to the Odyssey eFile & Serve software (Silverlight vs. HTML 5).
  • Common Reasons for Rejected Filings - a review of 12 of the most common filing errors and where to find OJD standards for electronic filings in circuit courts.
  • How to Avoid eCourt Malpractice Traps - where and how to get help with OJCIN, eFiling, and questions about rules plus key resources from the Professional Liability Fund, Oregon Judicial Department, Odyssey, and others.

Offered by:
Beverly Michaelis - Oregon Law Practice Management