Effective Conflict Systems

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Live Program Date March 11, 2020
Accredited through March 10, 2023
MCLE Credits: .75 Ethics (Oregon-specific) and .50 Oregon Practice & Procedure

OSB Application No. 65702

Includes program materials, live polling questions, MCLE Form 6 for self-reporting of MCLE credits, and audio/video files of the CLE.

Learn the ethical principles behind conflict-of-interest screening, how to avoid common ethical traps, and the process of choosing, operating, and implementing effective conflict systems. Topics include:

  • When is the lawyer-client relationship formed?
  • What are my ethical duties toward prospects vs. current or former clients?
  • How essential are disengagement letters vis-a-vis conflicts?
  • When should I run a conflict check?
  • Who should be included in my conflict system?
  • What are best practices for conflict procedures?
  • How can I avoid ethical traps involving dual roles, multiple clients, firm transitions, office sharing, and more?