Ethical Trust Accounting

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Live program date October 27, 2016
Accredited through October 26, 2019
MCLE credits: 2.0 ethics
OSB Program No. 6724*3

Includes program materials, live polling questions, MCLE Form 6 for self-reporting of MCLE credits, and audio/video files of the CLE.

Establishing IOLTA Accounts

  • Covering service charges not paid by the Oregon Law Foundation
  • Avoiding impermissible cushions
  • Meeting minimum balance requirements
  • Creating accounts for client funds that can "net interest"

Key IOLTA Concepts

  • Safeguarding client property
  • Protecting against theft and supervising staff
  • Holding unearned funds in trust until they "clear"
  • Processing third party payments
  • Using fixed fee agreements
  • Paying yourself
  • Reviewing the basics of unclaimed funds
  • Reporting overdrafts

Ethical Recordkeeping

  • Running totals vs. individual tracking of client funds
  • Exploring software options
  • Processing credit cards
  • Reconciling the trust account
  • Retaining records

Offered by:
Beverly Michaelis - Oregon Law Practice Management